Are Nutritional Supplement Labels Accurate?

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Nutrition supplement labels or dietary supplement labels are accurate most of the time, but we find that there's a problem with about one out of four supplements particularly with very popular supplements like garcinia cambogia. In general, first you want to know what you're looking for on the label, you want to know what ingredient is supposed to be in there, what the dosage should be.

You shouldn't trust the manufacturer to tell you what the dosages that you want to take, so do some little homework first, then look at the products, look at the supplement facts labels and go through them, and see whether it has the dose that you want. If it's a herb like garcinia, that its standardized properly, say in this case to 50 to 60% HCA, so these are important things to look for, and in terms of the brand if it's something that's only being sold on the internet I would stay away from it.

We have found at consumer lab testing garcinia supplements, that the majority actually don't have what they claim, particularly if they're only sold on the internet.