Are Generic and Brand Name Drugs Different?

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Generics drugs can be very different from brand name medications, they're allowed to be anywhere from, to give your body about 80% upto 125% of the amount of active drug in your blood that you'd get from the brand name medication. What's more concerning than that is that these days, with most people 80% are now of your drugs or generics most people are taking generics.

Every time you go to refill your prescribing you may be getting a different generic and made by a different company which may have different inactive ingredients but those inactive ingredients are actually doing something, they're controlling how that ingredient, how the active drug gets into your body.

So one drug may be at the 80% level, one generic, the other one may be at the 125% level and if you're being switched from one to the other that can wreak havoc on your system. So you need to be careful with generics, I think most are probably fine and within a reasonable range but there are a number of types of drugs we really have to be careful.

Generics are regulated very differently from brand name medications. With the brand name it has to be tested for safety, then for efficacy usually in very large studies. There is only one test that has to be done with generics and that is to show that the blood levels are approximately the same as you would get in terms of the active drug with a brand name medication.

However we've heard and not just heard but we know now that the FDA sometimes bends those rules. We even know of a drug recently where that test was never done yet the product was approved, fortunately and after five years of our complaining, the product was pulled from the market.