Why Is Setting Boundaries Important for My Health?

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Setting boundaries is so important for everyones health, it's important for you because it's important to know what you can't, can do what you can do and don't want to do and it's important that you honor that, it's important for your family to see you setting boundaries because what you're doing is you're teaching everyone around you that it's okay to say yes and it's also okay to say no.

Most folks find it hard to set boundaries but I've got one sure fire tip for you that will make it a little bit easier for you to set that boundary and really stick with it. I call it the take five, so what I want you to do the next time someone asks you something and you don't really know whether you should say yes or say no.

Take five minutes, take five minutes away say hang on for a second before I respond let me take five minutes and look at my calendar this is going to give you some buying time where you can really look on what's going on in your life, what's going on in your schedule, what you already have on your plate and what you actually have room for.

Literally take those five minutes before you give an answer, that five minutes of time is going to give you the opportunity to really figure out, is this something you want to do or something you want no parts of so take five and you'll be okay.