Why Is It Important to Say Yes and No in the Right Balance?

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There's no scenario in life where you should Yes or only say No. There going to be times where there Yes answers and No answers to anybody's question. Figure out what the balances for you though. Don't feel like you always have to say Yes, because if you say Yes all the time to other people, you're saying No repeatedly all the time to your self.

Make sure that you balance it out that you say Yes and you say No, so that you're taking care of yourself while you're taking care of others. We as women are often of the pressure to say, I mean let's face it. We were all raised to nature to care take, to make sure that everyone else is Okay.

But when will we ever taught to take care of ourselves? I don't think may of us were. It's an important lesson that we have to instill in ourselves and certainly instill on our kids. Kids want mummy to be Okay and to know this she's well taken care of, because when mummy is happy, everybody's happy, and when she's well taken care of, she can take care of everyone else just fine..