What Changes Can I Expect in My Body After Giving Birth?

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After giving birth, one can expect any number of changes in your body from skin changes, hair changes, body changes. So, where fat may they've been before fat may have moved to another location, you're going to feel different, you're going to look different, you are going to be different.

You just had a baby so make sure that you're giving yourself some slack, not being too hard on yourself and understand that you may not have the same body that you had prior to having this baby but you're not even the same person you were, as before you had the baby. You're a mum now, and so expect some changes, some good, some bad.

But all of it is worth it with that precious little baby that you just had. And aside from all that, the body changes are one thing, but emotionally, you're going go through a little bit of change as well so you may be on a bit of an emotional rollercoster, yeah you're happy you have this beautiful baby, but you also may experience some depression, some anxiety, some feelings of overwhelm, all those changes are to be expected, they're perfectly normal, you're doing the right thing, you're doing a good job, dont be too hard on your self you are a mum and you have a precious little one to show for it.