How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Have Sex?

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Many wives and husbands want to know how soon after having a baby, they can resume their love making activity. This is certainly a question for your doctor. You want to go the doctor and ask this question specifically. How soon can I have sex after having a baby? Most will tell you somewhere between six to eight weeks, but certainly if you've had any complications with your delivery such as perineal tears, episiotomies if there has been any rapture or anything like that you'll want to get okay there go ahead.

First before you resume sexual activities but it doesn't mean that you can't be intimate in other ways, so make sure you're still holding hands, you're still kissing, you're still cuddling, you're still doing those things, everything except intercourse of course until your doctor says that it's okay but certainly once you get going, it will be like old times, you will be back in the saddle again.

Very soon.