How May Nursing My Baby Affect My Libido?

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Many women wonder how nursing their baby can affect their libido, and it can happen in a couple of different ways. First and foremost you have a brand new baby, a new connection, a new life that you are supporting. A lot of times for a lot of moms all of their energy is focused on this little human being.

And so their focus while being on this little human being they sometimes can forget the big human being that got them into motherhood in the first place. And so sometimes we become a bit destructed and our libido kind of winds or shifts. Where our focus is more on our little babies.

Also if you're nursing, this is the time where your pro-lactating levels are at their highest. That means that you can experience some symptoms like vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness of course makes us not want to have sex if it doesn't feel good we don't necessarily want to do it and that can cause a low libido.

Also your hormonaly all over the place right now. Cut yourself some slack. You may have a lack of interest in sex, and sexual activity and that's OK. Those things will come back to you as time goes on but certainly if this is of concern to you be sure to talk with your OBGYN she may have some additional tips and tricks to get you back in bed with your lover and having sex in no time.