How Can I Learn to Say No to Requests?

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Here's a great way to learn how to say no, first and foremost you need to schedule yourself, okay? Put yourself on your own to-do list and on your calendar. If you actually enter in things that you need to do for yourself in your calendar, you're already booked. So it's an easy out.

You're already booked. You can say no now and not worry about feeling guilty, not worried about disappointing anyone and not worried that I told a little white lie, because you didn't, it's in your calendar. A lot of folks feel like they can't say no because they're thinking about those consequences, what if? What's going to happen if I say no? Maybe this person won't like me or maybe they're going to be mad at me or maybe they'll reject me if I say no.

we always think about those negative what if, but what about the positive what if? What if, I get an extra hour sleep? What if, I finally get the things done for me that I need to get done? What if, I finally make it to my doctor's appointment on time? What if, can be positive or negative.

Forget about all those negative what ifs and think about positive things that can happen if you just say no.