How Can I Deal with Lack of Sex Drive While I'm Pregnant?

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A lack of sex drive during pregnancy is one of the most common complaints that we get your hormones are doing a lot of crazy things in there. You've got estrogen levels piling up, you've got your anxiety maybe about this upcoming baby, maybe about taking time off of work, maybe there's a little depression going on there too maybe there's just some feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, all of that is perfectly normal and all of that can impact and affect your sex drive.

The things that you should do talk to your doctor about these feelings if you want to have sex and be more intimate with your partner but just not feeling it talk with your doctor, she may have some tips for you, once you've talked to your doctor, be sure to talk also with your partner.

Your partner is more than just your baby daddy or your significant other they are your partner in crime, they are the one that got you in this mess right? So make sure you talk this to your partner be open and honest about feeling often times your lack of sexual desire doesn't have much to do with them as much as it does you and all of the things that you're going through.

It may be you are feeling like your body image and the way that you look isn't sexy, opening up to your partner can offer you that reassurance, that yes you do still got it, there may be a little bit more of you to love but they love you just the same, so definitely take the time, talk with your partner and be open and honest about what you are feeling and you may find that you'll get that sexy back sooner than you think.