What Are the Treatment Options for Parasitic Infections?

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So an important part of dealing with parasite diagnosis and treatment and we have very, very good test to diagnose parasite but they have to be done on the right facilities so if you are having a test done be sure to ask your healthcare provider if they are sending it out to a facility that is experienced with diagnosing parasites, stool testing is very, very effective when we look at stool we are looking sometimes for the actual worms themselves for some of the larger roundworms if its microscopic parasites we are not going to see the worms but we might see the eggs in the stool, sometimes we see DNA evidence of a parasitic infection and sometimes we are looking for antibodies that are sign you currently have a parasite or you might have had a parasite in the past, blood test can also be helpful for excluding other causes of your symptoms beside parasites and some parasites do cause abnormalities with your blood work specifically they cause a rise in something we call esenephel count which is something that is seen completely on a blood count so some alternative treatment option for treating parasite include things like raw garlic, papaya seeds and honey and warm with tea but there are also medication that are very very effective against parasites there are several different prescription medications that are used and which one you are prescribed depends on which parasite you so if you think you have a parasite it's important to try and identify which one through perhaps a stool test and then tailor the treatment to the specific parasite that's infecting you.