What Are the Treatment Options for Parasitic Infections?

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I realize if you don't know for sure that you have a parasite, you don't want to start antiparasitic medication, so sometimes starting with some of the natural remedies is a great beginning point. For example, garlic we know helps to kill parasites taking about two cloves of garlic a day can help to kill parasites and eliminate them from your gut.

Wormwood tea is probably one of the strongest antiparasitics that we can find naturally, works very well at killing parasites however, you have to be a bit little careful. I would only take the tea about three times a day and you really honestly don't want to take it for more than about two weeks.

And finally black walnut is a nice helpful remedy for killing parasites, it helps specifically if you may be have constipation along with your other abdominal symptoms, black walnut is often taken as a dropper and a dose is 1000 mgs, three times a day. Treating parasitic infections with medications has to be very specific to the type of parasite.

So, for example if you know have one group of parasite, like hook worms or round worms, that treatment it might be different from having a tape worm or having giardia. So there are medications, but they have to be tailored specifically to the type of parasite. The most common medications used are going to be medication like flagyl, another common medication is mebendazole.

These are probably the two that most people are aware of and then there are many others in the same class. The only other part to treating parasites that I think it's important often get missed is really working on just rehabilitating the GI, gut wall lining of the GI system, because that's also equally important in terms of getting rid of a parasite.

What happens when you have a parasite infection, is you usually wipe out you got flora and that leads to a weakened immune system. So rebuilding that gut flora, making sure you don't have optunistic infection, like yeast at the same time, is also very important.