What Are Relaxation Drinks?

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Relaxation drinks are newer to the market and what they are basically drinks that contain many different herbs and botanicals and amino acids that we know help to induce the relaxation state. So the difference here now instead of having one of these ingredients individually they've all been blended together in a drink, there are so many different ingredients in these drinks.

Remember there are over 300 different types of drinks, but the five most common are Valerian root which you know reduces nervousness and anxiety. Five HTP which is an amino acid that really helps to increase ceratonin and all that feel-good neuro chemical. Gava, which is a neuro transmitter that we often use to decrease anxiety. Eanin found naturally in tea which we now know produces brain waves to kind of calm the nervous system down and to reduce anxiety and finally melatonin which everybody has heard about, the melatonin can also be used to kind of induce a relaxation state.