Is There a Natural Way to Prevent a Cold?

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I firmly believe there are natural ways to prevent colds, really sticking to a couple of supplement that you take on a consistent irregular basis will help you to fight off the cold and flu. In that prevention pack that we talk about, my favorite, [xx], it's a Chinese herb, it's antiviral, antibacterial and really stimulates immune system and usually dos is about a drop for a day.

Vitamin D because we know that low vitamin D levels have been linked to chronic infection taking about 2,000 units through the winter can help prevent you from getting the cold and the flu, and then nack or [xx] is a great antioxidant, again, helping to prevent you from getting that illness. So each of those have separate properties, and you want to take advantage of all of them.

That's why we think of them as working together. [xx], great anti-viral immune Vitamin D necessary for also boosting the immune system but works differently than [xx], and [xx] again totally different mechanism of action and it works really more on anti-oxidants, reducing free radicals and helping keeping your immune system healthy.

So they all work. You can do them separately but together it's really a power punch.