How Does Methylation Impact My Health?

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Methylation is a word I think everybody should know, because it's involved in so many of the diseases we deal with today. It's involves then ADD, ADHD, breast cancer, alcoholism, depression and even addiction. So we really want to understand if you as a patient are at risk for methylation defects and then help you figure a way to treat them. In a nutshell, methylation is just the body's inability to process certain nutrients, hormones and neurotransmitters effectively.

Having a methylation defect really prevents the patient from having essential building blocks for optimal neurotransmitter balance, hormone balance and nutrient balance. When you have a methylation defect the body sort of quits, it doesn't know what to do with either your hormones or your nutritional status.

You could be eating the greatest food, but your body still does no know what to do with it. Methylation can be genetically transmitted but it can be impacted by the environment as well, so it's really important just to get a test to see if you have a methylation defect or if somebody in your family has methylation defect and learn what you can do about it.