How Can I Get My Children to Eat More Vegetables?

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I think we all struggle, we're trying to get everyone in our family including our children to eat more fruits and vegetables, I have tones of different tricks I use, I use pure A whole fruits and vegetables and will dump them into some of their favorite recipes so they never know. So for example as lasagna turns into a kale or spinach lasagna, spaghetti which will have a beef sauce turns into a veggie meat source.

So these are some of the tricks I'll use. Now a quick tip for somebody that's very busy is to maybe use jars of purred baby food instead. Another way I'll try and get fruits and vegetable in is to juice, kids are great about drinking juice, but give them fresh fruits and vegetables juiced by retaining the fibre, and they usually are more up to take those than eating those fruits and vegetables when they're displayed right in front of them.