What Type of Set-Up Is Used to Administer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?

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[MUSIC] Take a dental chair actually as so you said the chair actually at dental chair and you bring this, there is a machine hooked to a computer and bring it and it's a coil, it's like the size of my head, and you place it over the head of the patient and they get the treatment.

We make location very comfortable, they can watch TV, they can play with whatever electronic device you have. The patient drives himself in, drives himself back, you don't need anyone there. There's no [UNKNOWN] or something like that. It does enhance memory and concentration as well.

And so you just sit there and the actual treatment itself is about 37 minutes. We usually tell the patient to give this off the whole hour, there are some places they would treat like you feel anxiety of something. They might use the experiment, the protocol and treat that, in additional to the depression and add another 15 minutes after the whole thing.