What Is the Link Between Anxiety and Depression?

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That's a strong link so one of the things is some of the study about the show is that generalized anxiety, so the tendency to worry and worry all the time can evolve into a depression and there is [xx] started to show that and as we taught later on we look at things that even neurogenesis, generalizing that in depression may be two sides of the same cause.

Those who are very close at range, the other anxiety commission so if you give it 4 or 5 big ones you'll have PTST which is where you've been exposed to some trauma and then you start having flashbacks and all that that also has a high risk of having a secondary depression but it's not the same relationship with [xx] anxiety and depression when you have the panic re starters, the panic could be primary and because of those panic you might get depressed or when you're depressed you might have panic so a lot of this anxiety but is some of them lead to depression and the [xx] others maybe the anxiety symptoms maybe [xx] all depression may be a consequential to an anxiety side effect.