What Are My Options for Depression Treatment?

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With depression, again you want to have a multi-model approach. So the traditional approach is therapy is one, medication or biological treatments and then lifestyle changes, so there is this and extra is one of the little zeros, I trying working for the use of kind files like a social model, so if you start off with the biology you look at therapeutics whether it's no medication or more using devices to curative but also looking for biological factors that maybe adding to the depression and trying to control that for example people who do not metabolize fully the way they should then you can four ways if they have low D2 levels of seasonal depression, you'd think of giving a full spectrum why, that's the biological approach, psychologically, therapy is very important not just to get better, but then to keep them better and the type of therapy is also important usually somebody who is depressed we do what is called supportive therapy help them through the process the ones that are better can do more dynamic therapy to understand some of the rude behaviors the causes of depression and try to help them change that and a lot of the times the psychological conflicts we have like predisposal depression are really renactments of conflicts we had as children were it may have mad sense at that time but don't make sense when you're adults so therapy is a very important component and then in the social path is very important so exercise, nutrition, good sleep we have big life choices to make to do it in a way that is not informed by depression so when people are depressed I never advice them to make a big life change whether it's leaving a job or even marriage etc.