How Does Depression Interfere with Sleep?

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Sleep is a big problem. In this day and age where we have so many, we are exposed to so many gadgets that have primary sources of light. We try to watch TV, go on the computer, go on the iphone and then try to sleep they don't really give us those time to fall asleep. So what happens is we start having insomnia and then we start worrying about it, enough of sleepiness some of which can be so much of transgenic into their own rate.

So having telling people to wine down read a book, a pleasant book not to read average minutes for three hours before they go to sleep, so they don't wake up and go to bathroom. And also if you have protein in your system you are more likely to be in stage two sleep and have more dreams.

What we want is to get you go stage three and four which is more restful sleep. To have realistic expectations not to expect perfect night of sleep every night and then worry if you don't get it and then that cause a problem. Clock watching is a big issue, so keep getting up every two hours and look at the clock that's like having withdrawal with caffeine.

You are going to always get so we can't be able not to look at the clock, if you get up and you can't sleep get out read a book and then go back into sleep, controlling some of those sleep apnea restless legs that maybe adding to this is important. So those are some of the social aspects besides the biology and the psychologies that we tend to focus on.