How Do I Know If an Antidepressant Is Working?

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What I like to do is, you want to have some kind of subjective impression that the patient has those around them, the family, as a doctor when I see them I do think of the valuation you also like to have a pseudo objective scale a weighting scale like Hamilton Depression Rating so the multiple piece of information and when they come back we evaluate it but to answer in an nut shell.If the medication gets you back to the same place you were before you felt that you are depressed then we know it has work, and then actually do I answer you question is, okay are you on your way.

Usually within about four weeks of being in antidepressant, I would expect you to start feeling better. And it might take another 2-8 more weeks to get completely better, so when I put someone in antidepressants what would happen I would come back in a couple of weeks. Merely to make sure that there are no side effects if there are any adaptation.

Suicide is always a concerned I would ask and if they had underlined bipolar disorders or diagnosed with bulimia but then after four weeks I would call them back merely to see if they began to make some movements. It's difficult because you are also combining therapy and lifestyle changes at that point.