Does Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Cure Depression, or Would I Need Ongoing TMS Treatment?

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In my mind I would like to see it as a cure because really with medication is more of chemical change here it's more of a neuro-structural change and in one of the studies on the few studies I did a follow up people who got better with TMS I did a six month follow up. If the treatment was if you get better there's only 10% relapse for it.

In comparison with treatment resistance and if you get them off anti-depressants there is a 60 to a 70% relapse to ECT could be even higher. In our experience, we've looked at it for over two years what we do is if someone even shows a little bit of a depth we treat them, so we've had about 30% of patients who've had a mild relapse, not a full blown relapse but when they come back, they don't have to go through the whole six weeks again, its usually become a more amplified treatment and then back in remission, in some ways at least in maybe majority of the patients, it maybe a cure, it could be at least on the short term that's how it seems but even if it's not, it's very easy to maintain people around the motion because the commitment is much less.

It's not an invasive treatment like ETT and it's not a long term commitment in terms of side effects and little treatment as medication so get quick few treatments and you're back to feeling the way you did.[MUSIC].