Can Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Be Used to Treat Other Mental Health Conditions in Addition to Depression?

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[MUSIC] If you think about TMS, it is, in my opinion a paradigm shift because here is our ability to specifically treat discrete brain locations that contribute to specific brain conditions. It has the potential as a result to do more than anything that the target person as a psychiatric medication or certain neuro-psychiatric medications can't do.

As a consequences of that is TMS is being studied for the fate on PDSD/g general anxiety, panic, social anxiety, with pretty impressive results they've also fitted substance abuse cravings that are people doing TMS for food cravings chronic pain, is very interesting because the brain sends down these sending pathways to the spine to actually suppress things that's why think in a movie seeing somebody whose leg is blown up until they get to safety they don't feel the pain and that is because the brain can actually suppress the pain that the spinal cord feels and TMS has been used very effectively for simplifying fiber management and different forms of [UNKNOWN] with trying to experience on you tussle.

It's been used for Migraines and then there are neuro [UNKNOWN] who are getting interested in TMS and there are some studies that show that early stages of parkinson's and other degenerative disorders could be slowed down with TMS. There is interest in treating small strokes, whenever there's a brain lesion the brain tries to reply it by growing some new brain cell but the cells are too few in numbers to have any function in consequence.

So we don't use UNKNOWN] die out. The idea is something like TMS can increase those cells and when you combine that with physical therapy that activates those cells and those cells make connections and you may theory have functional recovery. So the people are exploring using it to treat brain lesion, small lesions, so it's a new tool that allows us to therapeutic really address a lot of conditions in most of psychiatric conditions.

Schizophrenia is another one, there are studies that have been done to treat [UNKNOWN] with some promising results.[MUSIC].