Are Antidepressants Always Needed to Treat Depression?

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[MUSIC] if you talk about something like say minor depression for example, there're other options that we can use and then if those fail you want to consider medications, and if medications are failing, there are other options. But let me give you an example. As we begin to understand the origin of depression, we will not have this one-size-fit-all.

So I had this one patient who came, 40 years old, no prior history of depression, no family history of depression. All the sudden out of the blue depressed. It turned out he was a runner and he fractured his toe and he was not running at all. I told him to start swimming and he came two weeks later and said he felt good.

I've had other patients coming and saying that they're depressed, it turns out they're seasonal disorder, they get a full spectrum lab that the pupils of the eyes have a sort of endings that go directly to the brain. So those have follow receptors so when they face Antidepressants from there because actually you can see two or there if you do understand the cause of the depression and it goes that cause can be reversed and doesn't need more medications, yes.

Then for the more minor depression in the lifestyle changes, therapy can help. It's when those things fail or when you don't really have a specific cause that we really need to add medications or some of the other conditions. [MUSIC].