What Does My Family Need to Know About My Bipolar Disorder?

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That when you're manic, you're not going to want to see the doctor or take medications. Okay so it's very important for the family to be involved when somebody has bipolar disorder because when you're depressed, you will seek other treatments and you'll get the treatment. But when you're manic, the first thing to go out of the window is what we call instapace.

It's very rare for a patient to walk into my office and say I'm manic. The family brings him or her in. So they have to keep an eye out and if they feel that you're becoming loud, busy and not sleeping and is going up, you need to call the doctor and get the arrangement. Bipolar disorder, the symptoms are not that frequent but we have to be on medication for find one, so usually you want a strong medication to go out of the [xx] but once you're better the see a recommendation and just with medication and got you better but the way I do it is, once you've been better for a while very carefully get somebody onto a milder medication the rest side effect to get them more comfortable and then it's very easy to treat because they're happy taking the medication and they stay well.