What to Expect From Your Grade-School Child

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Is your child entering grade school? That's a big move, hi, I'm Dr. Altmann. A whole lot of learning happens quickly during this stage before you know it, your child will have mastered multiplication and long division and she'll be writing book reports and research papers. Not only will her math and language skills improve, but you'll find she's able to follow fairly complex directions with little need for repetition her memory and problem-solving skills will improve too, you'll notice that she's able to develop plans to meet goals.

She'll start approaching tasks in a more organized and logical manner that makes this a great time to help her learn solid work habits that will serve her well for years to come. Give your child her very own planner to write down her school assignments and help her manage her time and if you have simple time management tricks that work for you, pass them along.

It will help your grade schooler and make her feel very grown up. I'm Dr. Atmann, for more ways to raise happy, healthy kids, check out all our smart tips.