Tips for Time-Outs That Work

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. The timeout is an effective way to discipline children, it gives both the child and the parent a chance to decompress from a stressful event. Choose your timeouts wisely or they won't work, it's best to arrange your house in routine so you don't need too many timeouts.

For example don't use the timeout when your child picks up the remote control, simply keep the remote control out of reach and choose one behavior at a time to work on such as hitting a sibling, that deserves a timeout. The perfect timeout works like this, teach your child that if she does something that you tell her not to you'll give her a warning and s slow count to three.

Counting gives her a chance to stop what she's doing and correct her behavior, you can give a warning at one and another at two, at three the timeout starts. Have a designated timeout spot, make it a place with no distractions, it should be a boring place where your child won't want to be.

Keep her there for a minute for each year of her age. A four-year old gets four minutes and so on. After your child serves her time explain why what she did was unacceptable and ask if she understands but don't make it a lecture, just state the facts. If you make time out, to habits that you child doesn't like she'll change the habit that got her there in the first place and don't forget to praise good behavior often and be a role model of good behavior yourself.

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