Keep Your Kids Safe Around Water

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Hi? I'm Dr. Altman. Kids of all ages love playing in the water whether it's in a backyard pool, at the beach, or in a lake but as all parents know, water is a big safety hazard. Drowning is the leading cause of death from injury among children ages one to four years. Here's how to keep your kids safe in the water.

Watch them like a hawk, kids can drown quickly and quietly. When you're watching them stay off your phone, stop multitasking and pay attention. Lock access to the pool, if your pool isn't surrounded on all four sides by a fence get one right away. This alone can cut drowning risk in half, and make sure to drain portable pools and toddler pools when not in use to prevent a young child from accidentally falling in and drowning, learn CPR, it can be a lifesaver literally.

And make sure other caregivers including grandparents and babysitters also know CPR. Teach even very young kids how to swim. Swimming lessons can reduce children's drowning risk by more than 85% and the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends swimming lessons for children as young as one.

I'm Dr. Oatman, check out all our smart tips for more ways to keep your family safe.