How to Spot ADHD Symptoms in Kids

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Hi, I'm Dr, Altmann, what does ADHD in kids look like? Your doctor will look for behaviors that fall into three categories. The first one is inattention. That means the child has difficulties staying focused on a lesson, stories, show or games. She may daydream a lot, and tend to lose things all the time.

She also gets bored easily. And you often find yourself repeating instructions, and hounding her to finish homework or chores. Another classic symptom is hyperactivity. Hyperactive kids are fidgety and they can't sit still for long. They're always on the move. They're also avid talkers.

Another sign is impulsivity, impulsive kids have little patience. They are the ones who can't wait their turn when playing with others, they also tend to interrupt conversations and blurt out answers in class. Now all kids exhibit these behaviors from time to time, but most start to outgrow them around the age of six.

But in kids with ADHD, these behaviors are more extreme, frequent and persistent. And these behaviors interfere with their relationships and ability to learn. If your child shows symptoms of ADHD on a regular basis, for longer than six months, talk with your pediatrician. I'm Dr. Altmann, for more ways to raise healthy kids watch all our smart tips.