How Can I Help My Child Cope with Back-To-School Anxiety?

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So heading back to school can be anxiety provoking for kids, for parents and for teachers. First thing is to let your child know if they are expressing worry about going back to school to let them know that they are not alone. It's so important for them to think well, what do you think your friend Johnny is thinking or your friend Suzy? They are all thinking the same thing, what's it going to be like? Is everything going to go okay? Is the teacher going to be nice? So you want to find out what your child is really worrying about.

Try not to guess and plant any ideas but just say, everybody is nervous before school starts, what are you thinking about? Or what's your worry telling you about, and that's really the gold mine. You can find out there what's your child's imagination is coming up with. Maybe there's some misinformation like they heard that in third grade if you forget your homework that you automatically go to the principal's office.

Well, no wonder they're feeling nervous about going to school, but you can help them to correct those kinds of distortions about things and the other piece though is keeping it real, going and visiting school, going in to to the library, finding out where the bathrooms are, going and visiting your teacher seeing if you can help out with the bulletin board, finding out where the lockers are, learning how to use a locker combination it's often the little things that cause a lot of anxiety and it's often those very things that with some practice and practical experience the anxiety really lifts.