How Can I Control My Anxiety During a Job Interview?

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So the best way to be prepared for a job interview is what you do before you get to the interview, and that's finding out where you have to go so that you won't get lost or you're not stressed about that. Finding out as much as you can about the person you're going to be talking to and what they're interested in because you really want to make a connection with them.

Doing practical things like getting a good night sleep and eating the morning of, and finally practice your answers. You've been told this many times but it really works think about what you want to talk about, how you want to present yourself. And don't avoid those questions that you're worried about, those are the ones to really target.

Think about, what is the question you think is going to stamp you? And think about how you will answer it. That's your moment, when your home before when your sitting in front of somebody, to really think clearly about what you want to say. When you get to the interview, make sure that your focusing on what your interviewer is asking you, rather than thinking about all the things that you want to say.

You'll seem more natural, and your interviewer will know that your listening to what they're saying. When you start to feel some anxiety during the interview, don't give it the power. You really need a relationship with your worry. A little bit of anxiety during the interview is fine, too much, not good.

So when you start to feel anxious, tell your anxiety, I'm putting you on hold, I'll talk to you later.