Dr. Tamar Chansky - When should I get professional help for my child if he has anxiety?

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Parents struggle about whether or not to to seek professional health for their child when they're anxious. They don't want to make more of a problem for their child to make them comfortable but at the same time, they see that things ain't changing and that's really the cleanture.

All kids have fears and they grow in and out of their fears much of the times. But if your child is not growing out of the fear but more growing into it, which means, they are avoiding most things, they are becoming more symptomatic, they're having more trouble at night, they're crying more or they are telling you that they're worried about more and more things, you don't really have a working plan to help your child out of that and that's the time to seek treatment.

With early intervention, kids can do so, so well and it can really not only help your child with the issue that they're thinking and worrying about now, but they'll learn skills that they can really use when they face any challenge down the road.