Dr. Tamar Chansky - What are some ways to deal with anxiety?

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Sometimes we experience a sort of low level but constant buzz of anxiety, it's very unpleasant, why is that happening? Basically anxiety is a signal from the brain that's saying something is wrong or something bad is about to happen, and you need to mobilize and be ready for that emergency only thing is there really isn't an emergency.

So what you can do when you are feeling that buzz of anxiety whether it's just that feeling rush to your heart racing, or sweaty palms, or just feeling like you need to move all the time is to relabel what's going and say to yourself, false alarm someone just flipped the switch in my mind into emergency mode, there is no emergency.

Once you do that then you can start to work on the physical symptoms too. It's so helpful if you are prone to that low level buzz of anxiety to not just take care of it in the moment but to cultivate a habit on every hour let's say you're sitting at your desk, of just taking a few slow deep breaths, no one knows that you are doing it, you just do it quietly for a few seconds but kind of like knowing where your keys are at home if you always put them in the same place you're going to be able to find your keys if you know how to do your breathing exercise when you really need it and in a true anxious moment you're going to be able to find those skills and find those muscles and most of all find that relief.