Dr. Tamar Chansky - Should I tell my child's school about my child's anxiety?

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Parents really struggle over the question of whether or not to tell the school if their child has anxiety. There aren't any hard and fast rules, but what you want to think about is, what is your child's experience in school? Is anxiety showing up? Is it something that the teachers are seeing and maybe could be helpful with? Or, if they are seeing it and they don't know why? Why is your child not answering questions when the teacher asks, or ask questions over and over again? They may seem uncooperative, so letting the school know what's going on behind the scenes can be really helpful in changing the experience for your child.

So one thing is really partnering with the school, going in and letting them know what you're seeing at home, what kinds of things your child is concerned about. Often times schools are really surprised to hear that a child is anxious, because, a lot of times anxious kids really try to present well.

They would not want anyone to know that they are nervous. And so letting the teacher in on what's happening can be really helpful in supporting your child.