Dr. Tamar Chansky - How does cognitive behavioral therapy work?

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Talking to behavior activity is a very effective approach to many different conditions anxiety, depression, self-esteem, eating disorders, any number of psychiatric challenges and really at the core is this idea that what affects us, what makes us feel sad or anxious or depressed, it's not so much the events around us but the story that we're telling ourselves about the events.

We may see a situation like giving a presentation, we may have a thought my entire job is on the line, people aren't going to like it, I'm going to do a terrible job not surprising that with that sound track like you're going to feel very anxious in that situation, but you do have choices and cognitive behavior therapy is really about teaching people to not go with their first reaction and think about another angle, a more realistic angle on the situation and really cultivating that habit, ones you think of your options and don't just go with your first thought.

What you'll find is that there's more realistic interpretations really come to you. You won't have to work so hard to find them. The second step though, a cognitive behavior therapy is really action oriented. So it may be that you're going to practice giving speeches in small group to your therapist or to your family and then build up from there, or if you have a phobia about ordering in a restaurant or making phone calls, you're going to practice that and go with gradually greater and greater degrees of difficulty, people can tell you that you are going to do fine in a situation, but what will prove that to you the most is when you see yourself doing that, so cutting behavior therapy really provide patients with the opportunity to see how they're able to manage a situation competently and without anxiety.