Dr. Tamar Chansky - How do I explain my issues with anxiety to my children?

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If you have anxiety yourself often you wonder whether or not you should or how you should explain your anxiety to your children so should you just try to hide it or tell them about it, and really the thing is, it's likely that you're kids are noticing somewhat your anxiety, and it would be more helpful to give an explanation, a certain explanation than to leave them guessing because then they might be really concerned about you, so when you tell your children about what you're going through, it's not to overwhelm them, or make them feel like they're responsible in some way, or they have any job there.

Really it's an opportunity to show your children that you are taking charge of, the challenge that you have, which is an excellent opportunity in life, to model that for your kids, that when there's a problem, there are solutions, and you can take charge of it. One simple way that you can explain it to your kids is to say my worry makes me think about all the things that can go wrong, but I'm really working hard to think about, the other side of the story, which is what I really think is going to happen.

You may even invite your children, or don't be surprised if they invite themselves, once you have given them that explanation, for them to say to you, hey mom, I think you might be listening to your worry brain, if they say it respectfully, they are a fellow coach and they are helping you to get better.