Dr. Tamar Chansky - How can I sleep better if I have an anxiety disorder?

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When we go to bed at night, if we haven't taken care of our anxiety during the day or our stress guess what's waiting for us when we climb into bed? All our worries and so what you want to do is to create times during the day when you're checking in with your worry so that it's you're taking care of it when you're at your best.

When we go to bed at night, we're tired we're not at our best. So what you can do is, create what I call worry times. A couple of times a day, make an appointment with yourself that you're going to think about what are the things that are stressing you out and you're worried about, you can write them at one side of the page and on the other side of the page think about how you can really handle those situations or are those situations even likely to happen and you need to be prepared for them, then when you go to bed at night you can just fall the paper back, so you have realistic thoughts there and that can help you if worries starts to come in to consult the solutions that you have already come up with and say I have already taken care of this, it's really important to get into a habit of relaxation to help you with your sleep, so you don't want to be on your computer right up to the moment before you go to bed you have to have some kind of down time or unwinding time.

You can do that lot's of different ways you can do some breathing and relaxation, listen to some cool music, have a cup of tea, use aromatherapy, really what you want to do is get into a routine so that, just like with brushing your teeth your body anticipates when you brush your teeth oh we're going to sleep soon, it already starts to sort of down shift, so when you start to pour your cup of tea of put on that music that's relaxing or pick up that novel that you're reading, those are also clues to let your body know that your ready to shift into sleep mode.