Does Relaxation Therapy Help Treat Anxiety/Stress?

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When we think about what anxiety is about, it's the alarm system in the body that is going off for no reason. We have a first date or a blind date and our body is reacting as if there's a tiger there, back in the day that's what we needed to be prepared for, and so it's getting us ready to fight or run for our lives.

Worked well with the tiger, not so much for the first date. So what we need to do is to get control of what's happening in our body and relaxation therapy is one effective way of addressing that. What this means is really cultivating a habit of relaxation in your day and training yourself to get to a deep place of relaxation.

There are many different ways of accomplishing this but usually people would use a combination of a breathing technique where you are just only focusing on the breath. It may be for just five minutes that you're doing this, a few times a day, maybe when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed at night, it doesn't matter when.

Really most important is that you get into a routine about it just like brushing your teeth, you know we have that routine, we know that we're going to brush our teeth at night, and the morning and that way we're sure to do it we don't forget. So, talking the routine of relaxation before getting out of bed in the morning or when you get into bed at night, creates this association which will strengthen a habit.

So what you are doing in that time is focusing on your breath, and maybe adding a visualization as well. Some people will think about a calm picture that they like, being on a lake or watching falling snow or listening to the rain on a roof, those are things that you can just visualize yourself and that you by breathing at the same time, when you think about that queue[sp?] later[sp?], let's say you are just about to go into a meeting where you are feeling anxious, you may just think about falling snow, or falling rain, your body remembers that association and will help get back to that place of calmness.

It will help you bring your anxiety down a few notches and that will be really helpful. Relaxation therapy can be very helpful in controlling the body's reaction to anxiety. The other piece is working on the mind's reactions and so for that it can help to look at what you're saying to yourself in your stressful situations, to change those thoughts and make them more accurate but working on the body and the mind together that's really the way to overcome anxiety.

Since everyone has different ways that they relax, go ahead and personalize this, maybe you want to try listening to relaxing music or using aroma therapy, giving yourself a massage or asking for one. These are ways that you can again just help your body to unplug, and decompress, and get in the habit of doing that so that when you face a stressful situation you're going into it with a lower level of stress.

It just gives you more of a buffer to cope.