What are the Health Benefits of Probiotics?

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Probiotics they're basically bacteria, now all you germ phobes, please don't get upset about this, you have bacteria in your gut. You've got 2-3 pounds of it in fact, and they're good bacteria, they're considered beneficial to the body. Now most people associate probiotics with digestion, right? So we use them for diarrhoea, or for constipation, you see people commonly with Crohn's disease, or inflammatory bowel disease, or Celiac, they're always taking probiotics, but what you don't know is that probiotics are really the seat of immunity.

You cannot have a healthy immune system unless you've got enough of that beneficial flora. You need probiotics to stay healthy through the cough and cold season, and a lot of people just simply don't realize that. Now emerging studies are also showing us now that probiotics can be healthy for mood, can you imagine? Good gut bugs that can affect your mood and your well being, I love that idea.

So don't be a germ phobe, consider probiotics, they're fantastic in so many ways, not just for immunity and mood and digestion but also for thyroid. What a surprise? Did you know that some of your thyroid hormone is activated in your gut? And you can't do that without a healthy stash of healthy gut bugs.

So consider probiotics, my favorite one happens to be Dr. Ohhira's blend and I like that because it makes your own flora fingerprint grow. So you didn't realize that you have a flora fingerprint, your probiotics are different than mine, they're different than your neighbor, they're different from your boyfriend, they're different from everybody.

Because you have a fingerprint that you got with birth, so you really want to restore that beautiful garden of bacteria in your gut and you can do that with a high-quality probiotic. Now get to it, I'll see you next time.