What's the Difference Between Heart Attack Symptoms in Men and Women?

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When a woman is having a heart attack, she may have chest pain but she also may have more subtle symptoms, shortness of breath, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, back pain, jaw pain, nausea. But when a woman is experiencing issues with her heart, she might have symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness or even feeling unwell just like having the flu. It's very important as a woman, if you can't do the things that you usually do in your life, go see your doctor because any change in your ability to exercise or to just be and live your life, it might actually be your heart.

When we think of heart attacks in men, it's really that Hollywood heart attack of a man clutching his chest having chest pain and pressure, that's a very classic heart attack in men, in women, it might be more subtle than that.