What Is the Link Between Heart Disease and Diabetes in Women?

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In 2002, it was found that for those people who had diabetes, it was as if they had coronary artery disease so diabetes is a very, very significant risk factor for heart disease, and especially in women. We know women who have diabetes have a greater risk of heart disease than even men. And when you do have diabetes, for every year that you have it, your risk of heart disease goes up.

It's so much about lifestyle and managing your food, what you eat and how you exercise. Taking care of your health is part of how we take care of preventing diabetes but once you have it, keep working on it, keep exercising and watching your diet. Stay away from the sugars and carbohydrates, and that's part of management.

In women, diabetes is such a significant risk factor, and you need to do everything you can to prevent it from happening or for treating it.