What Breathing Exercise Can I Do to Reduce Stress?

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One of the simplest, easiest ways to stop a stress response in its tracks is simply by breathing. What we did today on the Dr. Oz show is an alternative nostril breathing. It's a really simple way to really get your heart rate to slow down. You put your thumb over the right nostril, and take a deep breathe in through the left.

Hold it for as long as you can, put you index finger over your left, and exhale through the right. Again deep breath in through the right, cover it, and blow out through the left. Do that for at least for five minutes, but what I truly recommend is, in the morning and in the evening to really meditate, breathe, relax every single day before the day starts and at the end of the day.

And what that does is allow you to decrease your heart rate, your blood pressure, to slow down that stress response, and allow you to focus. And that can help with stress. During the day if you're really in the middle of things and you feel that stress response happening, sing a little song under your breath, and that's going to force you to breathe.

And every time you breathe and take in an inhalation and an exhalation, it does the same thing. It slows down your heart rate, dilates your arteries, decreases your blood pressure, and that's really going to help make a big difference.