How Is High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Managed?

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High blood pressure is one of those things that we used to think of as an old man's disease, but the truth of the matter is, high blood pressure is so prevalent especially in African American women. About 50% of African American women by the age of 20 will have high blood pressure. So managing it is something that's critical.

Managing high blood pressure is part of the lifestyle choices that you make. It's a diet that's rich in fruits and vegetables and nuts and legumes and fish, and really staying away from the salt in the diet. Also exercise is a critical part of managing high blood pressure. Things like yoga and meditation and relaxation have also been shown to be part of the management of high blood pressure.

So whether you are diagnosed with it or you're trying to prevent high blood pressure, due to a strong family history, know that it's all about these lifestyle choices that you're making and if that doesn't work, well then you might need a medication. But certainly, talk to your doctor about that. And if you have a family history, it's really important that you get checked.