How Does Exercise Reduce My Risk of Heart Disease?

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I always say exercise is by far the best medication. It does everything for your heart. It decreases your blood pressure, decreases your heart rate, decreases your incidence of diabetes and also decreases your risk of becoming obese. It dilates the arteries what that does is keep the arteries healthy, prevents plaque from developing.

So there's nothing better that you can do for yourself but exercise. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, but if you're that kind of person that's really getting your heart rate up you can do that three days a week and also incorporate weight lifting with light weights multiple repetitions that actually prevents your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well, and if you're that kind of person that doesn't see yourself doing that just do something, every single day do something.

I will tell you that the greater that you get your heart rate up during exercise, the better for you, and we know the people who're most physically fit stay vital and stay healthy longer and live longer and healthier and don't get heart disease.