What Can I Do to Relieve Hot Flashes?

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Okay, so now you're in the moment with the hot flash, what can you do? Cooling wipes, very convenient, very easy to find in a drugstore and portable, okay? You just take the wipe, you wipe it on yourself, especially on your neck or your chest or your forehead behind your ears where there's a lot of blood flow and where people tend to sweat, and as that moisture dries you're going to cool off, immediate relief. Again, once you've used this and it works for you, now you stick it in your purse, it goes with you wherever you go so when that crazy hot flash unpredictably hits, you're ready for it. One of my favorite ways to deal with this, is a little do it yourself project, take a little bit of distilled water you can buy those little spray bottles, again, in a pharmacy or any kind of drugstore.

You put the distilled water in and you can put 5 to 10 drops of aromatherapy oil in there, peppermint oil is perfect, and you spray that on yourself. Again, the same principle, you're getting the cooling of the moisture which then evaporates and cools you off quickly, but now you have the added benefit of the aromatherapy because you're breathing in that aroma which is actually getting into your brain and having a positive impact there, and especially, for people who tend to get anxious, nervous hot flashes, this is outstanding, I love that.

Wiking[sp?] and anti moisture clothing, a lot of times people say, ugh! I don't want to wear any more clothes I'm so hot, but you can get the same kind of clothing like an under shirt that you might use for sports or activities and you wear that under your clothes, they make really nice ones that are pretty like [xx], and as you get the hot flash and that sweatiness, the moisture is going to get pulled away from your skin into that white cotton usually, it will dry rapidly, it will dry rapidly and your hot flashes are really going to dissipate a lot more rapidly.