How Should I Prepare for a Gynecologist Appointment?

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I'm often asked how to prepare for a gynecologist appointment. So here is some things that you should do. Number one, jot down your questions, I always have patients who apologize, I would have brought a list. You know what, I love the list, the list is perfect because that helps you really focus, your doctor has only a short amount of time.

So you want to make sure you get all your questions in, and you get all your questions answered. I also recommend bringing scratch paper so you can write down what the doctor says in case they don't have note paper for you at the visit and I really think you just need to keep in mind to relax, to take nice deep breaths, to reveal all the information that you can that you think is pertinent and to get everything you can out of the visit, to take notes, and get the key takeaway points from your doctor.