Can a Proper Diet Help in Dealing with Hot Flashes?

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You know there's plenty of data showing that dietary changes may improve hot flashes for people. Again, this is going to be more of a long term solution. So any of the anti-inflammatory diets out there may be helpful, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, anything with Vitamin E, so a lot than nuts, avocado, olive oil, things like that that have this omega-3s and Vitamin Es can actually reduce the occurrence of symptoms.

There's also some evidence showing that some of the tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango may also reduce the number of hot flashes. So again, this is not what you're grabbing for when you're having a hot flash. But over a long period of time, dietary changes and lifestyle changes, really really may help improve the hot flashes for you.

So a wonderful way to create your own remedy would be to make a trail mix out of some of these nutritious foods that we know can help with hot flashes. Grab your almonds, grab your sunflower seeds, grab your pineapple, grab your mango, mix it all up. You've got a nice little snack bag that also going to really improve your health.