Who Should Get the Flu Shot?

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So let's talk about the flu shot. Getting the flu shot is a very personal decision, there are a lot of pros and cons. We now know especially after listening to the experts on the Dr. Oz Show, that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is only about 60%. What we didn't also discuss is that there are plenty of side effects as well, and so for each individual person we need to make a decision, and so in my practice we talk about it.

And so the vaccine is very irritating to the immune system, and for some people they might have some immune issues, or some concerns about having that kind of irritants in their system to their immune system and they decide they don't want to get the shot. So we talk about it, it's really a personal decision so while I did give a blanket statement that I don't give the shot to my patients or I don't recommend the shot to my healthy adult patients, I have plenty patients who come in and they say to me I really like to get the shot, and so we talk about it and if they'd like to, then they go ahead and get it, and that's fine.

But it's as a policy I really believe very strongly that if you have a healthy immune system, a strong, robust immune system, and you take some of the precautions that we talked about like washing hands, you can protect yourself from getting the flu and you do not need to get the flu shot, because to each individual person we have to weigh the costs and the benefits.

Is it really going to be beneficial? And what are the side effects and risks? And because each person has a different biochemistry, has different underlying health concerns, has different underlying health issues, that answer has to be done on a case by case basis.