What Foods Fight Fatigue?

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Food as medicine is the single best thing you can do to help your health. OK, especially for fighting fatigue, so food provide the information to the body and help your body know how to behave, helps your cells know how to behave. So in other words, some foods can help you increase energy, and some foods will do the opposite.

For example, it's very important to have five small meals a day. Some people say six, but certainly we want you to eat every three or four hours because skipping meals can make your stress hormones really go crazy a little out of balance which can cause you to be tired. So let me go to specific foods, you really want to have protein with every meal and those proteins were variant to teaching people how to eat vegetarian, eating more vegetarian proteins, like we like soy not everyday, but definitely several days a week is fine, so we have people eating legumes and nuts and seeds, and other sources of vegetarian proteins, in addition to lean fish and chicken, we're not big on red meat because it's got, unless it's [xx] beef which actually has a really good fat component to it.

So, protein with every meal is really important. Complex carbohydrates mostly in vegetables, and greens and coupled with protein is really a great way to get your energy everyday because at every meal it'll help stabilize your blood sugar so your blood sugar will not go up and down. That's actually the most important thing to keep in mind.

When you eat high sugar foods or white flour products it makes your blood sugar go up and down, and it stimulates high insulin to come out to combat that sugar, and so the blood sugar gowing up and down actually makes people feel very tired. So sometimes the very first thing I do in a first visit, actually is the first thing I do in every first visit when somebody is fatigued, is I get rid of the white flour and white sugar, correct the blood sugar that I think is going up and down, by having them eat proteins with every meal, and eating every three or four hours.

And that's actually the foundation way that I will start with fatigue in a general sense. The other aspect about food that's really important are food sensitivities, so things like gluten, things like dairy in people that are sensitive to it and a lot of people are, for some people it causes inflammation in their body which can help, which can actually make them feel tired.

So removing some food groups can actually make a huge difference in improving somebody's energy.