What Are Ways to Boost the Immune System?

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When it comes to boosting the immune system, I really like to focus on the four foundations that build immune health, making sure they are very strong and very healthy. So for example, the gut, the digestive system. So to build immune health and to boost your immune system, my favorite approach is to take probiotics, I take probiotics, they will boost your gut flora, which is really important to boost your immune health, so it's actually more than a booster, it actually balances your immune system, so a lot of people focus on this word boosting, but in fact the immune system needs to have balance, it needs to turn on and off, and have flexibility, so your immune cells need to just be healthy, I think that's the best way to think about it, so I really work on helping their foundations be strong like the gut.

The second way you can boost or balance your immune system is to make sure that you have toxins removed from your body, so helping your liver be very strong, very tuned up, so that it immobilizes the moving toxins, so I would give people or I'll tell them to eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables to help them, foods that help support the liver's function as a detoxifying organ.

I also use herbs and supplements to help deliver work better and you get information about that on my website immuneprogram.com, all about how to boost the liver's function, but the point is that fixing the foundation and boosting them is where I go to boost the immune system, so another step for boosting the immune system would be making sure you eat anti inflammatory diet, very key and that's removing things like white sugar, white flour those are inflammatory in the body, eating the right kinds of fats, getting rid of the trans fat and the saturated fat, and eating instead omega-3 the omega-6s which are fish oils and flax oils that we talked about, so an anti-inflammatory diet is key, and making sure, especially when it comes to auto immune disease, gluten can be very inflammatory, and trigger immune system to behave badly and so for me boosting immune health is making sure that you are not eating foods that are creating inflammation in your body, and so that's very important, and finally is stress, so to boost immune health you got to sleep, you must make sure you're getting a good night sleep, go to sleep set a bed time, go to sleep by 11 o'clock at the latest, minimum seven hours, that'll keep your adrenals happy and it will keep your immune system happy too.