What Are the Symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid?

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The most common symptoms of having Underactive Thyroid are, unexplained waking, feeling tired all the time, feeling cold when everybody in the room might not be feeling cold, having brain fogs, so that you're really having trouble thinking and concentrating, having a sluggish bale so perhaps you are experiencing constipation and not moving your bales everyday and sometimes women had experience their hair falling out, sometimes they are not sleeping well, and so there are other symptoms that can be a little less common, but in general those would be the top five.

Unexplained weight gain means that you have been exercising or you've been eating right and yet you still gained maybe 10 pounds or so in the past three months or maybe three to six months, but its quick and its unexplained. And so if that has happened to you, this is a sign that your thyroid might be sluggish.