What Are Some Benefits of Reducing or Removing Gluten?

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Gluten is a protein found mostly in meat that is really hard to digest. It can really harm your digestive system and damage it so that you actually develop food sensitivity to other foods as well because of this damage. When you remove gluten sometimes the symptoms go. If you are truly gluten sensitive when you remove gluten doze symptoms you are experiencing should go away.

That's one of the way you will know that you are sensitive to gluten. The gluten itself when people are sensitive to gluten what it's doing it's triggering a cascade of events that create inflammation in the body. Inflammation, I like to describe as when your immune system gets activated and releases irritating chemicals that zip around your body, and are irritating on the inside.

Therefore, you might experience some brain fog or fatigue or arthritis, symptoms not in the gut. So, going on a gluten free diet or removing gluten from your diet, one of the first things that you will notice, especially if you're sensitive is that you'll have a lot of less inflammation throughout your entire body.

And you will sleep better and you will think better. /in addition to that it has a really good benefits when it comes to weight loss for this reason. Inflammation is one of the underlying triggers for increased body fats. The fat cells gets inflamed from this irritating chemicals, and they hold onto fats.

And therefore in [xx] medicine in functional medicine, our main approach to helping people loose weight is to find all the source of inflammation in the body and remove those sources, and that helps the body loose the weight, come to a better balance place, a better plateau, or a better place in the weight, and in the body fat.

Because of that inflammation being gone. So, gluten is a real trigger for information for a lot of people, and so therefore it's a very important part of the way less program. One of the other reason benefit on removing gluten is that it enables you to start experimenting with other grains.

We are so focus on we and our society. We eat wee, three times a day everyday, it's part of the standard America diet, and we are missing out so many of the nutritious kinds of grains that have different mineral, different nutrients, more fibers, things like Kinra which has higher protein, things like millet and buck wheat.

These are all really nice ancient grains that are really good for you body. And so therefore it's nice to mix it up, and sort of have better nutrients and patterns in the way you eat. And I think that's one of the advantages of going less gluten. Even if you don't want to go gluten free, mix it up, eat all the grains, it's really good for you not to eat the same food over and over and over again, day in and day out.

And I think it a very least everyone should do that, whether you grew insensitive or not. We know that even the same food over an over increases the risk sensitivity. So, mix it up, how about the grains? It's really good for you.